Policies, Not Politics.

Tripolicy is a pioneering concept in Lebanon in general and the city of Tripoli in particular. It is an online journal and platform for public policy discourse that focuses on studying and analyzing the city of Tripoli in its intellectual, social, cultural, and economic capacities. Penned by the people involved in the city, specialists, and the inhabitants themselves, Tripolicy presents an insight into the lives, experiences, and thoughts of these individuals by giving a voice to all who have always had much to say but were never heard. Tripolicy melds these thoughts and ideas in order to create a future vision for the city for the year 2030 and beyond.



The idea of Tripolicy stems from a profound belief that Tripoli possesses nigh unrivaled potential across the Mediterranean coast that remains untapped to this day. This has been a result of what can be described as one of the prime examples of systematic governmental neglect and intentional resource deprivation in the history of the Lebanese Republic and the field of public policy. The purpose of the Tripolicy project is to present the future of the city as a subject of debate and change, away from the notion of accepting it as an inevitable destiny of dilapidation we are bound to. This future is shaped by its inhabitants through the constructive process of posing ideas and enriching them with discussions and the subsequent synthesis of practical policies aimed at shaping this future in a way that reflects their aspirations. In the long term, the project seeks to revisit and reinstate the city's premier role in its Northern, Lebanese, Levantine, Arab, Eastern Christian, Islamic and international hemispheres.



Practically speaking this project revisits all aspects of the city and analyzes them under modern scientific principles, breaking the intellectual barriers that led to the near-total stagnation in its various capacities. The concept revolves around giving access to a uniquely Tripolitan platform to those who wish to dedicate their intellectual and scientific capacities in the service of Tripoli and its inhabitants.


By introducing various hypotheses to discuss constructively, seeking to find practical solutions to their posed challenges, and synthesizing policies to address them, this is for all purposes the people's forum in the 21st century. To complement the theoretical aspects of public policy work in the city, Tripolicy offers educational university-level scholarships to aspiring students who show a willingness to lead, and affinity to excel. This encapsulates the drive for sustainable investment in the future generations of the city.  By creating literature through the contributions on Tripolicy, and by empowering newer generations with university degrees through our scholarship program, Tripolicy is shedding light on current potential thinkers and leaders, and preparing a new generation of pioneers that are prepared to step up and spearhead municipal and legislative work in an effort to realize the Tripoli 2030 vision.



With time, Tripolicy aims to grow and become the go-to platform for voicing the reality of the people and visualizing the future of the city. It would also become an essential hub for identifying its most prominent faces and intellectuals, building bridges of cooperation between them in the process to achieve the intended revival. Yet the most important goal remains to inspire the intellectual discourse among the city's residents and giving them a chance to see that their voice truly matters. By involving them in the discussion Tripolicy is systematically helping in creating a sizable amount of literature concerning the city and the public policies it lacks. Published in both Arabic and English this online journal becomes an invaluable resource for researchers on Tripoli's past, present, and future.


The success of this project is contingent on a joint effort from contributors across all the aisles of the city and represents the first tangible step to regain control of a destiny long ignored and wrestled from us to shape the future of Tripoli as we all see fit.


Arch. Yasser El Masri

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 Yasser El Masri - Founder

This project was founded by Architect Yasser Hussein El Masri in 2020. It is a labor of love for his city and the resultant of profound personal interest in the reality and future of the city of Tripoli coupled with an unwavering tendency to serve the city and its people in shaping its future, Tripolicy was born. Currently he is completing his graduate studies at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, USA.



-Bachelor's degree in Architecture from Beirut Arab University 2017

-Awarded the Fulbright Scholarship to Study in USA 2017

-Nominated for the Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University in the UK 2018

-Masters of Science in Sustainable Design from the University of Texas at Austin 2019

-Certificate in Energy Studies from the University of Texas at Austin 2019

-Master of Science in Architecture from Georgia Tech 2020 


Currently Completing:

-Ph.D in Architecture from Georgia Tech 2023 

-Master of Sciences in International Affairs from Georgia Tech 2023 

-Certificate in Sustainable Energy and Environmental Management from Georgia Tech 2023 



Raafat Yamak - Co-Founder

Raafat Mahmoud Yamak is the co-founder of Tripolicy. Having lived in multiple countries, his passion for Tripoli remains strong with a desire to see growth and development in the city. Yamak has a strong interest in the Middle East having authored multiple geopolitical analysis articles for various outlets. He is also the founder of the podcast, The Tripolitan.



-Bachelor's Degree in Geology from Texas A&M 2015

-Master's Degree in Petroleum Engineering Texas A&M 2017


Norhan AlShihabi - Co-Founder

Norhan Alshihabi is the co-founder of Tripolicy. Norhan is a civic education advocate with a strong background in grassroots organizing and legislative work. Norhan has an unwavering determination to provide the people of Tripoli with the tools and skills nesscarry for change. She wholeheartly believes that when provided with the right leadership, Tripoli will beocme the heart of the Middle East. She is a member of Citizens and Politics (Beirut based independent political discussion platform),  a member of the American Society for Public Administors, and co-founder of Tripolicy. 



-Bachelor's Degree in International Relations from UMass Boston 2020

with a minor in Public Policy

-Master's Degree in Public Adminstration from UMass Boston 2023